Wired Delightful Daisies Bow (2.5"ribbon~6"Wx10"L)

2 1/2" #40 Wire Edged Ribbon
4 loops with 1 button center & attachment wires.
Approx 6" x 10" including tails.


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Weight 0.07 lbs
Durability Weather Resistant
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Spring Bows - Easter Bows - Floral Bows

Hand Tied Wired Designer Bows - Wired Delightful Daisies Bow 6 Inch

2 1/2" (#40) wire edged ribbon
4 loops - 1 button center with attachment wires.
Approximately 6" x 10" including tails.
Protected in plastic and arranged loosely to avoid crushing.
Shipped in a sturdy corrugated box.
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